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Libor Spacek

Libor Spacek

was born in Rychnov nad Kneznou (*1966). Professional photographer, member of the Association of professional photographers (AF) in the Czech Republic, member of syndicate of journalists (IFJ), film-maker, AOWD diving instructor (SSI) and sea captain. Living in Czech Republic since 2001 where he started own business Libor Spacek Photography and since end of 2008 works as producer in Photography and Film Producion - "Escape to Nature" together with his partner Ms Petra Dolezalova.

He started with serious photography during his study in New York City in the nineties. After couple amazing exhibitions his hobby becomes soon his profession. His unique technique also makes him successful in the commercial photography. His inspiration as for many other artists is woman’s body. But what makes Libor’s work different and original is the conception. Most of his pictures are taking under the water in the swimming pool. That is also how he started in 2002 best-known collection “Underwater Fine Art Nudes”, where his focus is on curves of woman’s body. The collection obtain today many grand format photos, which you can see at the exhibitions all over the world. The best of his collection of photographs is called "Underwater Fine Art Nudes".

Libor also loves to spend time in nature and he thinks, that nature has a big impact on his creation. As a diver he specializes in capturing in his photography the marine life. He participates in many projects and exhibitions as leader, photographer and cameraman. The “Underwater Life” collection is a result of those projects and exhibitions. The main focus in the collection is the macro under water photography.

Libor publishes in the Czech Republic and internationally, in commercial and other photography. His photos are in various collections and galleries all over the world. Many of his photos were nominated and awarded in the competitions as best pictures, not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. Thanks his creative eye he is one of the best photographers in Czech Republic. The proof is the two books “The evenings with photographer” and "Nudes", which shows the photos of currently best photographers in the Czech Republic and Libor is one of them.

His sense of feeling the nature leaded to the long term project "Escape to Nature". Since 2008 he started to cooperate on the project Escape to Nature with photographer and publicist Petra Dolezalova.

Both authors finished first part of long time project Escape to Nature in a Year. They presented Escape to Mauritius exhibition of large-format photographs and documentary premiere (film) taken from land, the ocean depths and from the sky in 5 August 2009, in Prague.

Their common debut "Escape to Mauritius" has received second award at the 42nd International Film Festival TOURFILM 2009 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The festival jury has chosen this work as the best Czech documentary at the festival.
Since this time products of Escape to Nature production is awarded in several festivals around the world.
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